What would you like to know about our forum?

When getting to know our forum, what would be the first things you'd like to know about the forum and about our users?

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1 week ago #2
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Hey Miss Jade:
The first things I would like to know about the forum if I was new to the site would be:
1. What type of questions can I ask? This is clarified by the category listings...
2. What is the experience level or the qualifications of the people answering the questions? This can possibly be clarified by the Member's Profile...
3. How long will it take to get my question answered?
4. If no one answers my question does that mean no one on the site has an answer to my question of problem?
5. How come I cannot post my e-mail address or telephone number within my post?
Just a few things that came to mind...
Be Good,

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3 days ago #3
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I wonder if we should add the last 3 questions to our forum's FAQ. These probably are questions that most new users have in mind.

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