How much is my Fender Stratocaster? MX10059310. Root beer flake.

How much is my Fender Stratocaster? MX10059310. Root beer flake.

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3 months ago #2
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Your Standard Fat Strat (HSS) was made at the Ensenada Plant in Mexico between the years of 2010 and 2011, which makes it a 2010 model year. The current listed resale value is:
Exc+ 95% Cond: $325.00 USD
Exc 90% Cond: $275.00 USD
VG+ 80% Cond: $235.00 USD
Hope this helps,
kcbuck - Texas Boy

NOTE: It did not come with a root beer flake finish nor the etched pickguard which could either lower or raise the value depending upon who is trying to buy it.

3 months ago #3
Marti Daisy

Thanks for the info. I tired to find a site to tell me but nothing thanks

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3 months ago #4
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Ah, upon closer examination, I don't believe that that is etching on the pick-guard.

Looks more like the original factory film over the pick-guard is still on there, and it's beginning to wrinkle-up with age and use.

That will peel-off nicely, but you want to let the next owner do that. If you sell it.

I played my Strat for several weeks before I finally peeled off that layer of protective film!


3 months ago #5
Marti Daisy

Yes that's still the original plastic on there. My husband said he's leaving it there til it wants to come off. Keeps the pick guard in good shape. He did end up selling it thou n asked for $325 but the guy that bought it said it was worth more then that n gave him $360.

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