Epiphone Shiner Bock Les Paul Pro

sHey All:

Ellen just brought the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro Limited Edition Shiner Bock guitar up to me in Amarillo that I ordered a couple of weeks ago and it’s beautiful. The Shiner Bock logo on the body is burnt into the finish and really cool. Gonna have a few Shiner Bocks tonight I bet ya and take it to Guitar Center tomorrow morning to have them set it up. The action is low at the nut but the bridge needs to come way down, the Pro Bucker Humbuckers need to come up, and the truss rod needs adjustment (typical new guitar straight out of the box). COOL FEATURE: It is Coil Tapping Equipped: Switch Down = Humbucker Pickup and Switch Up = Single Coil Pickups.

Be Good Yall,

Kevin - Texas Boy & Shiner Bock Drinker

Here’s a couple of pictures of the beauty:

Epiphone Shiner Bock BodyEpiphone Shiner Bock Full

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Sparky2: Such an awesome guitar!!
    I’m excited for you, kcbuck.
  • kcbuck: Oh, can’t wait to get it back after the set up... Never had such a fancy-dancy guitar with these here coil tapping features. It’ll be a nice experiment tuning it in to the tone I like.
    Thanks Bud,
  • Vale: Looks very nice! Any chance you can record something with the coil tapping so I can hear the difference?
  • kcbuck: Vale:
    The difference would be like a Stratocaster (3 single coil pickups) to a Les Paul (2 humbuckers). All the coil tapping feature does is give you 2 guitars in 1 or maybe 3 guitars in 1 if you use 1 single coil pickup along with 1 humbucker, we’ll have to see how that works. The guitar is presently being setup at BJ’s Guitars & Amps in Amarillo on Western. I’ll being playing with it next week and I’ll see what I can do...
    Be Good Sweetie,
  • Vale: Thanks for explaining :D Have fun playing it!
  • A.Timmermans: Awesome!!!
  • kcbuck: The Shiner Bock Les Paul plays easy, sounds good, and it stays in tune providing that I keep the temperature constant. Right now, we’re in the stage where you need heat at night and an a/c during the day. Sometimes I forget to switch functions before leaving for work in the morning at 4:30...
  • Sparky2: Just like a woman.
    Just sayin.....
  • kcbuck: Rather have a good dawg...
  • George Albany: Sharp lookin’ ax. If i had a current favorite beer (it used to be Rolling Rock until Anheuser Bush bought the name and started brewing it in New Jersey), I’d consider having their logo on my Strat.
    Belated holiday greetings to all.
  • kcbuck: I use to drink Rolling Rock in those little green bottles when I was in school in New England, it was cheap. Haven’t seen it here in Texas, I’ll have to start looking.
  • George Albany: Don’t waste your time. It’s terrible now. I don’t think they even put it in the little jade grenade bottles anymore.

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