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The Band That Shouldn't Be, or A Tale of Some Friends and their Guitars by GAA III
I began playing music at an early age, about six if I recall correctly. My mother sent me to the fellow who was her high school band and orchestra director for piano lessons. I wanted to play, but never practiced enough. To this day, I can ...
New Guitar Day (NGD), and it's a weird one by Sparky2
My cardinal rules, and I broke every single one of them this week.1. Never buy a guitar thru the mail, and always play it in person before you lay down the cash.CHECK.2. Not a big fan of Strats, and probably will never own a proper American ...

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How bout this one? Believe it’s a 72, and it’s in “good” condition. https://www.axecentral.com/images/
by CHMusic29 - 1 hour ago
Your American Standard Stratocaster was made at the Corona, California Plant (Fender), USA in 1996 or early 1997. Production Number: 136199 Worth over $900 brand new, that one looks to be ...
by Sparky2 - 3 hours ago
Made in Korea in 1996. Worth approximately $120 USD. She is considered a decent quality beginner's guitar, and well built for the price. Good looking design! ;)
by Sparky2 - 10 hours ago
mariposa, I checked the Blue Book, and the values that kcbuck described above are still valid. There is no additional percentage added for the standard sunburst finish, which was ...
by Sparky2 - 10 hours ago
Inca Silver finish. Mint condition: $900 Excellent + condition: $750 Excellent condition: $625 Very good +: $525 Very good: $450 Good: $325 I hope this helps. Really cool guitar!! ;)
by Sparky2 - 19 hours ago
Nev, We would love to help with these other Strats. And photos are always welcome, mate. :P
by Sparky2 - 1 day ago
Check the small print on the headstock. Look for the words MADE IN JAPAN. By that serial number, she should have been made at the Fuji-gen Plant (for Fender Japan), Japan in 1992 or ...
by Sparky2 - 1 day ago

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