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I joined this site to look for answers to those guitar/bass questions that always seem to come up and to communicate with other players. I’ve been playing for thirty-five years but have performed in public about five times. I play almost everyday but it’s more like a meditation or release than something I want to take somewhere.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • Sparky2: Arnofwtx,
    I am so sorry I haven’t responded, but I missed this posting somehow.
    Welcome to axecentral, and thank you for sharing your story and guitar-playing history.
    I understand the meditational aspect of playing the guitar, and getting lost in the songs as you go along.
    Are you saying that you do not prefer to play for an audience, or that you don’t have ambitions to record your songs, or to perform them for other people?
  • kcbuck: Arnofwtx:
    I know exactly what you mean as I’m a hobbyist too and take some my gear on the road with me while working away from home. It keep me out of the bars for the most part. I take it from your User Name that you live in the Ft. Worth area? I’m about 35 miles southwest of you in Granbury (Acton, TX), Acton is not an incorporated city or township. Welcome aboard and I hope to stick around and share your experiences with others and chat with us here too on <>.
    Be Good,

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