I have a Dean Stylist ST GN Hollowbody guitar. serial number is 91202881. c...

I have a Dean Stylist ST GN Hollowbody guitar. serial number is 91202881. can anyone tell me when this was made and any other info based on that number? Thanks

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Can't tell the year from that serial number, but it's a fairly new series of jazz-style guitars from Dean.

Yours is the Stylist Standard in Gloss Natural finish.
It features the:
15" Body Width
Flame Maple Top
Mahogany Body
25-1/4 Scale & 1 - 5/8" Nut
Grover Tuners
Gold Hardware
Gold Covered Pickups
Tune-O-Matic Bridge
Set Mahogany Neck
Rosewood Fingerboard
Dot Inlays
Multi-ply Binding
20 Frets

In addition to Gloss Natural, Dean also offers the Transparent Red and Vintage Sunburst finishes.

Usually worth around $200 to $250 used, in really nice condition.

Wish I could help with the year of manufacture, but only USA-made Deans have a predictable 'year determining' serial number (with the first two digits being the year of manufacture).

I believe that the Stylist series is made for Dean overseas, and they are all made more recently than 1991 for sure. I believe the Stylists were first marketed less than 8 years ago.

There was the 'Stylish Jazz Series', but that was back between 2001 and 2004.

I'll stand by and see if kcbuck has any idea on this.

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