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Buying a bass guitar for a beginner by Sparky2
Here are a few suggestions to consider when shopping for the best bass guitar for a new player: BUY A WELL-MADE INSTRUMENT, BUT NOT TOO PRICEY. You never know whether a student will stick with it, or drop the bass after a few months.Either way, ...
Axe Central: Advice to visitors regarding guitar valuations by Sparky2
Hello guys and girls! Axe Central is a wonderful web-resource for information sharing on the topic of guitars, basses, pedals, accessories, and nearly everything you could want to know about modern strings instruments. Our moderators and senior ...

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Pete: Per the serial number your Stratocaster (3-Bolt Neck) was made at the Fullerton Plant in California in 1974. Current resale value is; Exc+ 95% Cond: $2,400.00 USD Exc. 90% Cond: ...
by kcbuck - 8 hours ago
JHam: I was hoping for a full front and back shot also to determine the type of guitar; Dreadnought, Folk, Auditorium, etc. This will help to narrow it down. Blue Book does not have a ...
by kcbuck - 10 hours ago
Drive is the trademark name of the distributor, which is , Inc. in Ontario, CA and the Wild Fire model is theirs... Hope this helps, kcbuck
by kcbuck - 10 hours ago
Did you buy it new or used? Regards, kcbuck
by kcbuck - 11 hours ago
This one was made at the corona California plant. I'm having a hard time finding one for under 1000, I guess it's a USA model and not Mexican and also because it has the gk2 system in which ...
by Azurejet - 1 day ago
Hank Marvin, made in Japan in 1992 or early 1993. The other two were made at the Cort factory in Indonesia. The Modified 51 was produced in 2004 and the Tele in 2007.
by Sparky2 - 2 days ago
That is what is known as the Tradition S model of Dean acoustic guitars. It was made between 1998 and 2005. The original MSRP was $400 USD. Currently worth: Excellent condition - $170 to ...
by Sparky2 - 4 days ago
Well there you go!! Even better.
by Sparky2 - 5 days ago
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