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Turning a wreck into a work of art by Sparky2
Truth be told, I have been driving the wife crazy.Band-mates too.I have been lusting for a semi-hollow-body jazz-style guitar for the past several months. There are some songs that just cry out for that kind of tone.CCR stuff, our jazzy version of ...
So Your Child Wants To Learn The Guitar? by kcbuck
So, your child wants to learn how to play the guitar? Keeping within a parent's budget and the attention span of children, I would recommend that you go to a Music Store with your child and look at the "Starter's Kit" or "Value Packs". These ...
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Just for future reference, enter the serial number from most Fender Guitars in the slot to get date and location of manufacturing www.guitardaterproject.org/fender.aspx Hope this helps!
by Rev. Dondi Cook - 11 hours ago
About the issue of staying in tune, I've experienced that on both Fender and Gibson Custom shop Guitars, Its the way they cut the but, it is problematic if You don't know that this is the ...
by Rev. Dondi Cook - 11 hours ago
Hello Ed, Im not 100% certain but believe there were only 200 made.
by Takamine F-369 - 19 hours ago
Wondering if you might know how much my Fury is worth? http
by James - 1 day ago
I'm not a fan, obviously. I'll take some time off, I guess, and come back later to see if things are still the same. I'll see you on 1 June.
by Sparky2 - 1 day ago
By that serial number, your bass guitar was made at the Fender production facility in Corona, California in the middle of 2000 or the early part of 2001. Re; the Jazz Bass bridge. Is this ...
by Sparky2 - 1 day ago
Sounds better. The Mid pot is very scratchy. The rest seem to be good.
by mandoguy - 1 day ago
I play both keyboards (clumsily, I must admit) as well as guitar. Axe, if you have some fresh perspective, I would love to hear it. :cheer:
by Sparky2 - 2 days ago
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