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New Guitar Day (NGD), and it's a weird one by Sparky2
My cardinal rules, and I broke every single one of them this week.1. Never buy a guitar thru the mail, and always play it in person before you lay down the cash.CHECK.2. Not a big fan of Strats, and probably will never own a proper American ...
How often should you restring a guitar? by Sparky2
This is a question that we get just about once a year. The answer is, "It depends".I myself change the strings on my guitars when they exhibit any of a number of undesirable symptoms: a. Flat or 'dead'-sounding b. Spotty discoloration c. ...

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One h-e-l-l (dang profanity filter) of a night in Amarillo, TX.
by kcbuck - 5 hours ago
Karen: You are quite welcome and please tell all your guitar amigos about our fine site here at . Be Good, kcbuck
by kcbuck - 10 hours ago
It does look fake to me. The serial number placement is wrong, the tuners are wrong for a Made In USA Fender, the pickups are after-market, and the body looks like a plywood Squier. I ...
by Sparky2 - 10 hours ago
Per the serial number you provided 382105, your Stratocaster was made at the Fullerton Plant in California between the years of 1973 and 1974 which makes it a 1973 model year. Assuming ...
by kcbuck - 14 hours ago
Your Stratocaster was made at the Ensenada Plant in Mexico between the years of 1994 and 1995, which makes it a 1994 model year. Assuming that it is a Standard Stratocaster the current ...
by kcbuck - 14 hours ago
Let me do some homework on that. It's a bit of a mystery. Some questions though; Can you get a photo of that number, or the sticker with the number, inside the f-hole? Is the tailpiece ...
by Sparky2 - 19 hours ago
Rather have a good dawg...
by kcbuck - 1 day ago

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